I know some of you might be like: Boring, but according to Wellplace.nz more New Zealanders die from skin cancer than from traffic accidents. So therefore I see the importance of sharing my opinion and what I have learned from my experience. 

So, why use sun protection 20 minutes before going out?

Let me start by explaining why I have set a time to use the sunscreen. I started noticing a while ago that even though I was wearing sun protection before going out I was still getting burnt so I decided to research why. 

A number of websites, blogs and channels agreed on the fact that sunscreen as other skincare products are meant to be absorbed by the skin and that process takes a while, on average 20 minutes. Please try not to  touch your face and/or the areas where you have used the product because you might remove it or it might not get absorbed properly. 

While researching I also found that the minimum protection required is about 30 SPF ( Sun Proof Factor) which would provide 97% protection from UVB radiation. If it is a hot day or beach day, the sunscreen might need to be reapplied as the water or sweat can remove the sunscreen. 

If you wish to know more about sunscreen please visit the skincancerorg for a formal explanation and/or Besunsmartorg for an easy way to understand how to prevent skin cancer. 

What sunscreen to use?

Now that we know a bit more about sunscreen and how to use it, the big question would be which one to use? As some of you might know I like things that are accessible in price, easy to find everywhere and of great quality. I have been using Nivea Moisturising sun lotion SPF 50+ which is easy to find in any supermarket or you could order it online here.

Let me know in the comments whether you agree with me or not. If you have been using sunscreen correctly and if you like the nivea moisturising.

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