Buying a car is a big step that most people take at some point in their lives. There are a lot of motivations on why to buy a used car, like needing it for work, travelling/ leisure purpose or comfortability. Therefore, I decided it would be of great value to share what would be the key factors to look at when buying a used car. The difference between buying from a private seller or a dealer. The top 4 most reliable car dealers nationwide in New Zealand, and cover the 2 online platforms for private selling. Let’s start with:

Which key factors to consider when buying a car?

  • Price: Price is considered to be the main factor people look at when buying a used car. Buyers would normally set a price tag or price limit of how much they want/can spend and stick with it. But overlook other costs such as insurance, on-road cost and registration.
  • Odometer: The fewer kilometres the better. Because it means that the car is less likely to have a breakdown or to need repairs in a short period of time i.e tyres replacement. But the price would increase as these variables are directly related. I would suggest from my own experience that you either get a car around 50,000 Kilometer or above 100,000 kilometres as in that way the car does not require repairs or have had them done already.
  • Fuel efficiency: More and more people are switching to electric cars and hybrids; over petrol cars, due to the impact this type of cars have on the environment. In New Zealand, the government seems to sympathize and support it as well. About 2 days ago, the prime minister made an announcement that new car imports that are not electric would have extra taxes, if you wish to know more please click here.

The size of the engine has a direct impact on how fuel-efficient the car is. The bigger the size the higher the petrol suggests that an ideal motor size would be 2.000cc. 

  • Year: This is a very important factor to keep in mind. As the age of the car would influence how you could use it. A great example is that to work with Uber, your car needs to be less than 10 years old. Most people used Uber to get some extra money or even a full-time income.

Private seller vs dealers.

-There are multiple ways of buying a car, the most popular are: Buying from a car dealer or directly from the current owner. So I would like to talk about the differences between these two.

Aspect.Dealer Private owner 
Inspection In New Zealand, Dealers would have to make sure the car is road-worthy and that it complies with the law. When they first assess the car in order to sell it. AA and VTNZ offer a service called Pre-purchase assessment that helps new buyers make sure they are making a secure investment. But this is an additional cost for the buyer. 
Warranties You could purchase extended warranties for your car so if anything goes wrong the car dealer would fix it for you. Normally these warranties can be purchased to cover up to 3 yearsAccording to Creditkarmainc, there is a high chance that the warranty would not cover every single aspect so you might end up paying for the repair.  
Instalments Most dealers offer the option of paying for the car in instalments that can be easier than paying it all at once, but this means that there would be interest and leading fees to be paid by you on top of the car fee. Most private sellers would not offer instalment options and they would ask for the money upfront. Which as suggested can be a downside for those that do not have all the money upfront. 

If you would like to know more about: why to avoid using a financing company when purchasing a car. I have written an article about that. Click here for more information.

Options Dealers have a whole lot more options than private sellers so you get a wide range of options to choose from. If you like their car, the chances of disappointment are less as you would get exactly what you were looking for. 

Most trusted and reliable dealers to buy used cars:

-In New Zealand, there are a number of car dealerships that provide great service. For your convenience, I have put together a list of 4 nationwide car dealers, that you can compare to get the best results.

Most trusted and reliable online Platforms: 

-For Private listing, there are 2 main platforms that are used to advertise private listings: Facebook marketplace and/or Trade me.

  • Facebook is a very popular social media, with over 2.9 Million users just in New Zealand. All Facebook users have access to the marketplace, as this service is an extension of the platform. Helping the listings there, to be viewed by a great number of people. The platform does not charge a fee to advertise listings in their marketplace which could be considered the best point of listing with Facebook.
  • Trade me, has a great reputation and although is not free, the platform is very reliable as the advertiser get to create a profile and be rated, so the better qualifications and feedback a profile has the most trustable.

Would you like to get a special discount? If so, keep an eye out! Very shortly, I would be posting about a discount offer for my readers with one of the providers mentioned in this article.

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