If you are a fan of Science Fiction, The Chronicles of Elantra by Michelle Sagara is for you! 

About the author:

Michelle is a very private person; although she has been publishing books since 1987, there is not much information about her either on her website or the internet. 

Thankfully Wikipedia helped me to know her better and provided links for further research. I know now that she is Japanese-Canadian and works in a bookshop part-time. If you wish to know more about her follow this link.

What makes the Chronicles of Elantra saga special?

  • Main character description : The Chronicles of Elantra starts by introducing Kaylin Neya, a human that works for the law enforcement of this planet called elantra. She is profoundly and detailed described by the author in over 16 books. I feel Michelle is one of those authors that would go above and beyond to explain as much as possible so the readers can get a clear picture of what they are meaning.
  • Race diversity: In Elantra there are mainly 6 races: Humans, Dragons, Barranis, Tha’lani, Leontine and Aerians. Michelle introduces a little bit of each race in every book but at the same time every book would focus on a specific race. Things like powers, special characteristics, culture, traditions and so on.
  • Society: Some authors tend to make the society in their books perfect. Which to me, seems to be far away from our reality which is not perfect. In Elantra the laws are dictated by the emperor which happens to be a dragon. He created 3 institutions to help him enforce the law and make everyone happy. The hawks, the wolves and the swords. The hawks are like the police, the wolves are the FBI and the swords are the army. The Author is even making a series of books about it so people can get to know more about the institutions and its members.
  • Women empowerment: I think we are still living in a male orientated world; women have done an incredible job at getting equal rights but there is still some more work to be done. With that being said I believe that the books have managed to be inclusive and to showcase that women are able to shine in all areas. For example, Kaylin is great at physical combat.
  • Broad audience: Some books are made for a specific audience, and would be either too childish or too boring for the other age markets, but this is not the case for the chronicles of Elantra. Even though the audience is late teenagers and early adults, Michelle is an older soul that has managed to include all her experience in a modern catchy book.
  • Consistency: The author publishes a new book every year around mid year which creates a great suspense and expectations for the audience to devour her material as soon as she launches. I think she has built a great audience over the years and her fans will continue to consume her material and get to know more about Elantra. Remember that she has been publishing books for over 33 years and is likely to continue doing so in the long term.

My opinion:

I could really keep talking about the chronicles of Elantra but I do not wish to spoil too much for those who are looking forward to reading the books. If you are wanting to buy the books please find the link here.

Overall I would highly recommend the Chronicles of Elantra and I would humbly rate the work of Michelle Sagara as 9.5/10

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