Accommodation is a big part of planning a trip. It can be especially hard because there are many factors to look at when booking it. So I thought it would be great to highlight the main points and talk about the accommodation options available now (Hotels vs Private accommodation). I would include the top 5 bookings providers I have used in New Zealand and include a bit of how I got to know them.

So what points to look at when booking accommodation?

-Understand your needs or goals: understanding what you expect or what you want from a trip is going to be insightful and help organise the whole thing; particularly the accommodation. 

Start by asking yourself questions like how many people are going to be on the trip? Where are we going? What activities are going to be done? The answers would help you determine what type of accommodation you would require and your schedule for the trip.

-Location, location, location! Being close to the places you want to visit is always good, not everyone travels by car or is able to rent one, so having the option of walking or taking the bus is great too. Especially for those who enjoy getting to experience the nightlife safely.

-Price: Getting a good price for accommodation is very important as that extra money could be spent on fun activities, food or even for the next trip. Bear in mind that accommodation is one of the recurring expenses, as most people travel for longer than a day, so having a fair price per night is crucial to ensure that the trip goes according to budget.

Hotels vs private accommodation

-Hotels used to be the most popular way of accommodation in the past, nowadays private accommodations are in trend. 

What is private accommodation? 

-The term refers to rent directly from owners or a broker (physically or online) for leisure purposes, regardless of the property (house, apartment, farm or a batch). 

Why is it trending? 

-Private accommodation is trending as it creates awareness of other ways of travelling that are not as expensive as hotels and that would accommodate different needs like more privacy, space and connectedness. 


– I believe in New Zealand, and in the whole world in general, there are thousands of providers to offer any service. So I have reduced the list of providers to 5.

 My Top 5 accommodation providers are: 

  1. Airbnb: Very popular provider, it allows you to create a profile and be rated as a host or rate the places where you have stayed. The better the score the more places you could apply to book. 
  2. Mainly focused on hotels, this is a well-known provider in over 85 countries, where hotels are ranked and you can choose according to your expectations. 
  3. Bookabach: The cheapest by far, bookabach is an accommodation facilitator that provides houses, condos, studios, cabins and cottages around the world. 
  4. Trivago: Very famous in Latin countries, Trivago aims to be able to provide the cheapest hotel options for its users. They also offer a ranking system with reviews so people can choose. 
  5. A mixture between hotels & private accommodation; it is a broader provider that covers accommodation, but also offers other services like car rental, flights, attractions and more. 

How did I get to know them? 

-Marketing is the best tool to obtain sales conversions at the moment. Accordingly, I hear about the providers either through: social media marketing, google ads, billboards, influencers ads and/or when I searched online they were the top ranking website in google.


-As mentioned, I believe and have experienced that Bookabach is by far the cheapest private accommodation provider here in New Zealand. But they do not offer hotel accommodations so if you are looking to stay in a hotel, your best bet would be Trivago for lower rates.



-Planning a trip is not just about choosing the place, there are other steps to be taken into accounts. You need to understand what your goals and needs are before booking your accommodation. There are more options available to travel now than just hotels, so please check out the 5 providers included in the article when planning your next trip.

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