Not long ago, I made an article about Anitta, she is my favourite artist at the moment. One of the reasons, I like her so much is the fact that in the last 2 months she has accomplished so much. Not just in music in different areas/sectors/markets.

So, Why am I recommending her? 

Lately, Anitta has become involved (featured) in a number of songs and projects that are helping her to tap into new markets and/or strengthen her brand/image.

Latest songs: 

  • Mon Soleil is a collaboration between Dadju and Anitta; the song is mainly in french and is her first time singing in the language. For those who do not know she started studying french when the pandemic started last year. It seems like it was her way of coping with the confinement while utilising her time in something helpful. I believe that she is tapping into the french market as it is new for her and also to utilise the skill set that she acquired over the pandemic.
  • The Spanish market is not new to her, but Funk Carioca is new to the Spanish market so when Rauw Alejandro (one of the most popular reggaeton singers at the moment) decided to include a funk song (Brazilera) on his album. He contacted her to be part of it. It would be interesting to see how the public responds to funk in Spanish.

She is also featured on Lunay’s Album “El Niño” with ‘Todo o Nada’, the song is charting in some Latin countries even though the music video has not been released yet. To be honest, I do not believe the music video is going to be released as the music is doing well on its own.

  • Anitta worked with Fred de Palma last year on Paloma, the song was a success in the Italian market and was known to be the song of the summer last year. So this year, Fred decided to feature Anitta on another track. For the second time, she is doing a full song in the language because she learned Italian as a child at school.

I believe this would solidify her brand in Italy and would help her gain a bigger spotlight for her new releases even if they are not in Italian as she has become well-known there.

  • Girl From Rio, Anitta’s latest single has gained a lot of popularity at the radio stations in the United states, rising to the top 40 most requested and played songs nationwide.

Business savvy: 

-On top of being an entertainer and an artist, Anitta is Business woman too. Recently she closed a deal with Nubank a Brasilian bank that is aiming to become a global reference. She would be on the board of the bank, to help make decisions for the future. 

Cadiveuessentials is a brasilian company that specializes in selling beauty and self care related products. A week ago in partnership with anitta they launched a new range of haircare products that are vegan and 100% recyclable and eco friendly.

Please let me know what you think in the comments. Do you know Anitta?? If you do not know her, would you like to know more about her?

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