A good way of relieving stress is to get a massage or a spa day to pamper yourself, Forme Spa offers that and more.

About Forme Spa:

Forme have won awards both nationally and internationally, being recognised for their fantastic customer experience and luxurious establishments. Forme has over 10 branches in New Zealand, 5 of which are located right here in Auckland. Among the services offered are: Skin rejuvenation, waxing, nail services, facials and more.

What makes them special

  • Deals:The price range of the spa is very competitive. The price varies depending on the service, the lowest being 69 for a half hour massage, up to 239 for a couples massage. One of the key factors that differentiates the company is that they tend to offer bundle deals for special occasions throughout the year. Which you could take advantage of to make the most of your experience as a one off customer. For people looking for more regular pampering, they also offer memberships, helping the prices to be more accessible for repeat business.
  • Customer service:The customer service of the staff was impeccable, both on the phone and while in the premises. They explained every detail so that there was no room for mistakes.
  • Premises:The venue was pleasant, cleaned and smelled pleasant. The rooms were very well equipped. Everything was handy and in place. The ambiance really took you in, and kept you focused on relaxation.
  • Educational service: The staff clearly wanted the experience to be smooth and educational, they explained how the stress can get accumulated in your body in knots and tension, how to prevent it from happening on a daily basis. I think I learned to be more aware of the stress in my body.

My experience with them:

-The first time I visited I went to the Parnell branch. The location was very convenient because I was living at the city centre at the time. I was greeted and told what was going to happen with each step of the experience. I had a beautiful half an hour bathtub with wonderful wild nature sounds. Afterwards my body was relaxed and prepared to receive my massage. The lovely staff invited me to lay in the massage table and had a 45 minutes massage. They placed warm and cold towels around my body as they were finishing their amazing experience. Being able to adjust the pace of the massage was nice as it does not happen everywhere.

Review: My overall experience with Forme Spa was 10/10. I would definitely go back in the future

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