Also known as the crusher of taxis, Uber is one of the biggest companies in the transportation industry since 2009. I would be sharing my experience as Client and Uber partner.

Service user Experience

I started using Uber when I was still living in Colombia about 5 years ago, and it was an eye-opener for me; because cab services in Colombia are terrible, they take longer than expected and the customer service is either amazingly good or terrible. Uber customer service is very good, most drivers would actually care to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Some of the key differential points that uber offers are:

-Newer cars

-Stops between trips

-Automatic charge per kilometre and time.

-Driver information, reviews and feedback.

-Option to Split the bill if sharing the ride with a friend

Driver Experience

In 2017, I started driving food with Uber Eats as it was convenient for me due to my studies, giving me the opportunity of choosing when to work.

At that time my car was not less than 10 years old which is a requirement if you want to drive people so, in 2019, I decided to change it. Broaden my options by driving regular Uber on top of having my Uber Eats profile active. For me having the two options was better as you could drive food within some hours as the majority of the restaurants close early here in NZ.

Some benefits of driving with Uber?

Money: People can make an average $20-25 an hour if the day is okay, around $30-35 if events are happening or if promotions are taking place. -Networking: Uber is great for people that work as a freelancer mainly because it gives them an opportunity to meet people and build your network

-Improving a language:  Uber is great for immigrants that would like to improve their English, as it provides the perfect space to practice your speaking which was my Case.

Some cons of driving with Uber?

-Parking: parking in big cities is not easy and this is the case for  Auckland.

-No customers: If there are not that many customers you will not get results.

-Depreciation: your car would lose value as the number of kilometres driven in a week would build up and therefore the car might need more reparation or just more investment in things like tyres or oil to name some.

-Legal requirements: Working with Uber would be considered as being self-employed so the taxes that you would need to pay is high and the support the company offers to the driver partners is not the best.

Review: Overall I would review Uber as 8/10 due to my experience as a driver and customer.

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