If you are in New Zealand you might have heard from the local television channel TVNZ; around 2007, TVNZ decided to launch an online service that would offer television series and programs called TVNZ OnDemand. Rapidly theonline services were offering almost the same content as the channels, with the difference that TV programs, series or movies would take a week or days to be uploaded on the platform.

Why Am I recommending it ? 

-Originally people would pay for the content TVNZ OnDemand offered but now  as long as you live in New Zealand, you can access it for free. 

Why is it free? 

-Apparently advertisement is the way that TVNZ OnDemand generates money, as the advertiser pay a fee to get people to engage with their products.

Is it worth it? 

-I believe so because they have a wide range of titles both national and international, as well as TV shows, movies and documentaries. 

A little bit of the downside would be that if you are not confident with your listening, are learning english  or have a hard time coping with the accents of some shows, TVNZ OnDemand does not offer a subtitle option making it hard to understand what is said on the shows or movies.

As Cinephile I am grateful for TVNZ OnDemand and think that all of their users should be as well. I have been able to find titles that were not available on the paid streaming services that I always use, like the latest season of the TV show “The 100”. I would highly recommend to use this streaming service, as it is free and easy to use. 

Please do check it out, and let me know what do you think of the platform? If you are currently using the platform, what is your favourite show on TVNZ OnDemand at the moment?

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