The woman in the window is a movie that launched on Netflix last 14 May 2021. The film was originally to be released on Disney + in 2020, it seems like Disney decided not to include the movie on their platform as it would not suit their demographics and repertory.

Netflix on the other hand has a wide range of titles that can not be pinpoint with a specific demographic but rather a large audience enabling them to choose what to watch. 

Why am I recommending it? 

– As mentioned before in other posts, I am a big fan of movies and have seen quite a few of them, so to find a movie that would keep you on your toes and have you wondering what is real and what is not, the entire movie is not common.

Being a support worker, I have seen first hand how mental disabilities can change a person’s life and the way they live. I connected with the movie deeply and think this movie is a great way for people to understand a bit more about disabilities. 

Another powerful message from the movie is showcasing that repressed and undealt with emotions like guilt and blame can cause trauma, depression and injury. It does not matter whether you are a physiologist or a nurse, knowing about disabilities does not exempt you from having one. 

What is the target audience? 

-I believe the targeted audience for this film is people that are interested in mystery and thrillers, because those are the main subjects of the film. But because the movie touches many other areas and is so well written that anyone can take interest in it.

What makes the woman in window special?

The acting: The main character was well played by Amy Adams, she was in what I dare say, the hardest role she has had so far. She has proven to be a great actress and that she has developed her skills since Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999).

-Ambience : The effects of the movie are great, they help the audience connect with the film, and set the tone for how the movie would flow and its ambience. I think it was a hard movie to produce and shoot, because it was mainly done showing Anna´s home from inside and outside in the same scene.

-Plot: Twist after twist this movie would keep you hooked from begging to end. I was trying to guess and form theories around what was going to happen, mostly getting it wrong each time.

Let me know in the comments whether you agree with me or not, whether you have seen ´The Woman in the window´ and what is your opinion on it.

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