Whitianga is a town near coromandel that I visited 3 weeks ago. We selected this town to stay in as there was nowhere else to stay and I could not be happier about this coincidence. As usual, my one to go when I do not know what to do is google, so I searched for things to do in Whitianga and found the Lost Spring. 

Why am I recommending it?

As some of you know I live a very busy life as I run my own company TempsNZ, run this blog and work full time. My idea of going away was to take a break, relax and enjoy some pampering so my first impressions when I looked at The Lost Spring Website was awe because it seemed tailored-made for me. The venue offered a place where you can swim, get a massage, eat and disconnect from the day to day rushes.

What makes the Lost Spring special? 

1 The service: We arrived at the expected time. We were greeted and welcomed, they explained to us what our package included, the timings and provided a map of the property so that we could move around.

2 The pools: As per the description in the map, there are 3 pools at the lost Spring.

-The first one by the restaurant is a regular pool so it was nice and cold, it had a cascade and was near the restaurant and reception area.

-The second was a larger pool with different sections on it, when you enter the pool by the left side there is kind of a jacuzzi area not deep but very hot. The right side is a hall that connects the jacuzzi area with a deeper pool and a cave, the inside of the cave can accommodate around 20 people and is very realistic. 

-The third pool is the hottest one, it looks like a volcano crater and is really cosy on a winter night. The pool can accommodate around 30 people. 

3 The venue: I feel that a big part of the success the business has is due to the distribution of the venue, its decoration and layout. The ambience of the venue is rustic but yet refined, private and connected to nature.

4 Flexibility: There is a restaurant and bar by the lobby/reception area where people can dine in even if they are not going to use the pools or get a massage. People that are enjoying the pools or massage areas can choose to have food outside by the pools or inside.

Something that caught my attention was the fact that people were allowed to drink inside the pools which are not very common here in Auckland but is something a lot of people enjoy. There is a bar by the pools that offers a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. My favourite was the piña colada which reminded me a bit of home. 

5 The food: The menu was very concise, 4 options to choose from that were nothing but delightful. All the dishes were fresh and the perfect mix. With my friends, we choose to have a different dish each so we could try a bit of everything. Our collective favourite was the fish, especially because we were told it was caught in the morning.

6 Guidance: The staff was very knowledgeable in terms of the products they offered and also about things to do around the area. They recommended nice places to go and things to do around the area. I followed the suggestions that they made and it was great so I would be making posts about them.

Please let me know what you think in the comments. Have you ever been to the Lost spring?? What was your experience like?? Would you agree?

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