For those of you that love drinking and great customer service I would be reviewing “The Caretaker”.

About “The Caretaker”

According to their own website, The Caretaker is a New York Style cocktail bar located in the heart of the city. More specifically at 40 Roukai Lane, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010. 

What makes it special?

  • The customer service: I believe Caretaker is a great place to visit as their mission is simple, make you feel valued and heard. Their customer service is top notch. Once you are allocated a table, the bartender would come to serve you at the table and instead of a menu he/she would create a unique cocktail/mocktail for you.
  • Options: As the Caretaker is only a bar they focus only on offering a wide range of cocktail options, I believe they said to have over 4,000 different cocktails. I can say that every time I visit I choose the same element of my liking but somehow they manage to create a different drink that is tasty and includes all of my preferred ingredients.
  • Ambience: The ambience of the place is very romantic, that’s why I said in the title that this venue is the perfect place for a date. Although it is a very busy place, it is not so loud that people can not have a conversation, instead it sets the ambience for deep conversation and a fun night.

My Experience: 

I first went there to celebrate my relationship anniversary; a friend of ours suggested  the place and I am so glad he did as I have been a loyal client ever since. To start with, the place is very mysterious as the entrance is on the side alley of a busy street. To enter you need to go downstairs and the door is a bit old and rustic. It seemed to me like a Sherlock Holmes movie, particularly the men’s clubs. Once they opened the door my impression shifted to a very vibrant and elegant jazz bar. 

I was surprised to see the bartender come to see us instead of a waiter and then not be offered a menu but get asked what kind of cocktail I would like. We did not wait long for the cocktails and they looked and tasted great. 

Lastly I thought it might be expensive due to the location and the service but the cocktails were affordable. In Auckland a cocktail price is normally between  $15-30, at the caretaker the cocktails are within that same price range. 

Review: My Overall experience was very smooth and great. I would rate the caretaker as 10/10 as I enjoyed not only the cocktails but the whole experience.

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