As mentioned on my queenstown recommendation, there are a lot of things to be done in queenstown, one of them is to visit @Thai Cuisine. 

About @ Thai Cuisine 

– Located at Level 3, 8 church street, Queenstown. This is probably the best thai restaurant in town and their menu includes a mixture of traditional dishes and european dishes.  The restaurant first opened 17 years ago. 

What makes them Special? 

  • The food: The size of the food is above average; the plates are big enough for big eaters like me. They have platters with a lot of different dishes; This is the perfect entrance if you are in a big group.
  • The venue: when I first got there I had my doubts, as the place was hidden on the third floor and there were only stairs, but I have to say the views at night are beautiful. We sat by the window and got to see a bit of the river and the city at night.
  • Prices: I believe the prices are very reasonable particularly for the location and the size of them. We were a group of 5 people and we had a platter, a dish each, drinks and dessert. The total bill was around $200.
  • Deals: I remember on the day they had promotions on cocktails 2×1, which helped us save some money and we got to try cocktails that were unique and originals from the bar and/or the thai culture.
  • The Staff: Our waitress was great, kind and knowledgeable. She helped us choose what to eat as some of the plates were new to us and also suggested some hot spots to visit after dinner.

Review: My Overall experience was very smooth and great. I would rate @thai Cuisine as 9.5/10 just because it does not seem accessible to everyone but if you do not mind stairs is definitely a must visit in Queenstown.

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