What is it? 

Target Furniture is a well-known company (retail corporation) that offers furniture solution for houses, offices and outdoor facilities. I would be reviewing my experience with them.

How was it? 

Since I arrived at the shop, I was greeted and looked after by a very nice sales representative. I am a very honest shopper so from the start I revealed to the representative what my budget was, and my overall expectations were. 

On top of that; I am a fussy buyer which can be complicated when purchasing goods,  however the patience of the seller was admirable. He answered all my questions and let me try all the products that I put my eye on and suggested some other options that would be relevant to my search even if they were out of my range.

After a while, I reminded him of the importance of sticking with my budget. Which then he made me realize I was not exceeding it; a bit shocking as it was taking more products than what I initially came to shop for, still within the budget. He told me this was due to the bundle kit he made for me and the discounted price the products were under that day. Which meant that I was able to walk out with more than expected and feeling like my business was valued.

Target strategies: 

Target Botany

While at Target, I noticed that the company has invested a lot of effort into understanding the consumer mentality and needs. Which helps them run a number of strategies to upgrade sales or get repeat business. Find below a list of strategies I picked up while visiting. 

  • Distribution: the store was distributed in a way that pleasant furniture was displayed first, allowing their clientele to get attracted to different products normally in a higher price range. Meanwhile, the day to day furniture needs were allocated almost at the end of the showroom.
  • Bundle Deals: Bundle offers were displayed greatly over the store. Pinpoint the fact that upgrading the sale would be the best option to get more value out due to bundle promotions.  
  • Finance: Not everyone has the cash flow to buy products upfront,  so for those who require assistance with financing products, Target also offers this option. Customers can apply only or directly at the store which is convenient and accessible.

Personal opinion and review: 

I would say that Target’s range of products is above the average in terms of pricing. The shop offers very good deals, and the distribution of the products was convenient. Instead of paying for delivery, I picked up the products myself which allowed me to get to know more about the company. I was impressed by the organization and control of their warehouse. With that been said, I would think they might need to have more than just 3 showrooms in a city as big as Auckland.

Auckland Branches

Target’s overall experience would still be high due to the customer service, stock range and organisation. (9.2/10)

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