What is it? 

Study union is a study-abroad provider based in Colombia, that offers educational packages and courses in more than 150 countries around the globe; language courses, summer camps, executive programs and exam preparations are among the services provided by this institution. Below you will find my experience and the support I received when I decided to embark my journey in improving my english language.

How did I know about them?

-Around 2015, I started to have curiosity about the possibility of taking some overseas experience and improving my english abroad. The first two countries that came into mind were Canada and New Zealand; they both seem to be great options due to quality of life, safety and multiculturalism. The decision appeared to be hard, but during my senior year at high school, there was a career day where the company had some people over to explain the different services they offered, and answer potential questions to the students. 

How was my experience with Study Union?  

-During the career day, I came up with a lot of questions and literally bombarded the consultant with queries about both countries (Canada and NZ) regarding the type of institutions they had agreements with, potential scholarships, and schools. The consultant was smart and eloquent and kindly replied to all my questions; furthermore, he took me and my family’s contact details, since at that time I was under age 18.

A week later, the same consultant contacted my mother to set up an appointment and discuss my interest further. My mom came with me to the appointment and I was amused by the number of partnerships that Study Union had with a wide variety of schools, camps, institutes, and universities not only in Canada and NZ but in several countries. The consultant tried his best to offer the best suitable options for us and he encouraged us to take time to think about it. On top of it, he sent video clips of the top three English schools in each country we have shown interest in.

What did we choose?

NZ Landscape

-My mother and I spent some quality time together reviewing the videos and collected as much information as we possibly could; at the end of the day, she suggested NZ as the best option (which I confidently agreed on), since I had the possibility to work for up to 20 hours while studying the English course. Worldwide School of English was the chosen institution as it genuinely looked like a great fit in terms of price, location, group size, and diversity.

After letting Study Union know about our decision, we had to collect all the documents to apply for a student visa and arrange a commencement date for the school, as well as airport pick-up and homestay accommodation; this was all stress-free for me, as Study union did all of it on my behalf. On top of that, they offered to help with finding the cheapest flight ticket since they already had an affiliate company in charge of finding affordable prices for your convenience. 

Finally, I arrived in Aotearoa (New Zealand) in April 2016 to study my English course for 6 months. By the time I was finishing the course, I was contacted by Study Union again to check what my options were at that time. I felt like wanting to stay in Auckland, and they one more time helped with the process of choosing the most suitable place and career at Crown Institute of Studies, which is going to be part of another review in the future….

Personal outcome:

In my opinion, Study union is more than just a company, as they have become family and my back-up here in this country. They went above and beyond since day 1 to help me as much as possible in my process from Colombia. They made decisions like what-to-do and where-to-do more comfortable for an 18-year-old student and I will always recommend it as the place to go if you find yourself in the circumstances of wanting a change.

If you want to find out more about Study Union and their variety of options, please find the link for the website below, as well as my personal code where you can get further discount on my referral or simply let them know that you hear about them through: @thoughtsonairnz.

Also if you have further questions about living or studying abroad please reach out to my personal account @hugodiaz07 

Overall I would rank Study Union as 10/10. 

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