Recently at work, I had to take my client for an eye exam as he could not read as much as before. The experience was very informative and decided I would have to book one eye exam for myself. 

My experience: 

-My eye exam was in the MT Roskill branch that is inside the warehouse in Stoddard Road; the shop seemed small by the outside but bigger once I was in. The exam consisted of 2 steps. The first step was to take pictures of my eyes, the second one was to meet with the optometrist. Luckily, the staff that saw me was very kind and patient because I could not believe I needed glasses. She kindly showed me that my issues were the way I perceive colour, as my vision is not as clear and to use glasses, is to relieve my vision. 

When I was convinced that it was true that I needed them, the next step was to choose which glasses I wanted. I say it in plural because there was a deal to get the second pair for free if the first pair was over $300 NZD.  I chose a Hugo Boss pair to be formal for the office and the other pair to be informal for the outside. I added anti reflect and tilt to them to make the experience smooth. 

The staff told me to pick them up after 3 weeks to get the changes done. I honestly forgot that the glasses were ready for pick up until Specsavers called me to arrange to book a time. I went to pick up the glasses last Wednesday. They showed me the changes done and everything was as per my wishes and they gifted me a lens cleaner and provided excellent customer service.

Discount & free exam:

I told them that I would be doing a review for my blog so they kindly provided a free eye test for my readers and 25 % off when buying glasses. I have uploaded the pictures so you can use the discount in the Mt Roskill branch or alternatively ask for Macarena Peralta to let her know you are coming from ‘Thoughts On Air’ or Hugo Diaz and enjoy the discount.

I think that the glasses are helping me a lot especially when I am at the computer. Because I can work longer and my eyes do not get tired as they used to. I can see clearly and they make me professional and wiser.

My overall experience with Specsavers was great and very satisfactory I would say by far one of the best customer services I have had in New Zealand, so I would rate them 10/10

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