What is it?

Smoove is a second store located at 145 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010. 

I never tried a second hand store before as in Colombia they are not common. Here is quite the opposite. They are more than welcome by the community, they are believed to be very eco-friendly because instead of throwing good clothes out, they get a second chance of finding a new owner. 

Why am I recommending it?

-Second hand stores are a great source for a more vintage or classic style of fashion therefore if you are looking for huts, 80’s & 90’s related staff, handkerchiefs and more, Smoove is the right place for you.

What makes Smoove special?

  • Options: Sometimes New Zealand clothing options are limited, a second hand store offers a huge variety of products so if you ever get stuck give them a try as they could have the stock you desire handy.
  • Try the clothes on: I am not big on online shopping when it comes to clothes, as there is a high chance that you would not like it because the texture is not what it was expected, the colours could be opaque or too bright. Other things that could happen when ordering online are items not fitting as desired or advertised which would not occur if you simply tried them on, ensuring that the quality and looks of the items are up to your standards.
  • Price: Items are cheaper than buying it first hand, there is more room to negotiate and deals. As an example, last I visited I had my eye on 2 overalls but could not decide on either one. So the staff that was helping me, suggested taking them both. After negotiations, I acquired them for almost the price of one, to be exact 20 dollars more.
  • Staff friendliness: I really connected with the staff members of the store as they are very helpful and honest. They do not sell things to you if they are not what you wanted like the case is in other stores. Along with the overall I wanted some boots that were to the likeness of Doctor Martins; the store did not have them, so the staff was upfront about it and guided me towards another store that would have them.

Let me know in the comments whether you agree with me or not, whether you have been to ¨Smove” and why?

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