Sharesies is an index fund that initially would allow people to invest in the New Zealand market of shares and funds but has expanded to other countries like the USA  in 2020 and Australia in 2021 .

A brief summary of my experience: 

I have been a customer of sharesies for almost two years now, I find the platform easy to use and to interact with. I decided to join sharesies because I wanted to make my money work for me and even though trading is not my expertise I saw the business opportunity behind the share market and funds. 

What makes it special? 

  • Easy to understand data and graphics:  Sharesies would summarize all the relevant information about the companies and funds on their catalogue and  convert it into consumer-friendly charts and reports. 
Sharesies Chart
  • Time efficiency:  as mentioned above by having the information in one place instead of looking for reports and statistics everywhere, clients would save time and have useful information one click away.
  • Reinvesting or withdrawing options: Some companies and funds would pay dividends, Sharesies would let you choose whether you want to withdraw or reinvest the money when this happens which is very positive because as result of the good investment people have made, the customer can either obtain the gains immediately, or compound the gains to a even bigger outcome in the future.

Does it work? 

-People tend to wonder if Sharesies works , the answer would be that investors are the ones that have to use the information in hand to get results. An example would be my case, at this point my portfolio investment returns is +67.37%, which might go up or down in the near future; so I have to decide whether to sell or not.

Review: Overall I would rank sharesies 9.5/10, particularly now that other countries public companies are also going to be available through them.
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