What is Scribd?

-Scribd is a massive online library with over a million ebooks, audio books, documents and magazines that people can access through their app or website by paying a monthly fee of $8.99 USD, which grants access to 4 devices under one account, meaning that it could be shared with family members and friends. 

The company often gets compared to other platforms like Netflix and Spotify. This is because it reaches a wide range of audiences. As of 2020, the company has acquired a solid quantity of users. Over 80 Million people are currently registered with them, and this is just the beginning!  


-To the likeness of Facebook, Scribd was also co-founded by a Harvard student, Trip Adler. The platform’s inspiration was to shorten the time it took for academic books to be published and to be accessible to the public. Shortly after this Scribd created a further development, expanding to able to become a safe haven to share and host documents online.

The company was launched in 2007 in San Francisco. It was quickly recognized as one of the people’s favourite social media sites. The public found it easy to interact with the webpage, by uploading documents simply using the company’s document reader, and other relevant features.  

Not everyone was amazed by Scribd’s ideologies and freedom, therefore the company have faced a fair amount of copyright infringement accusations and controversies. As a result of and to showcase the company morale, Scribd has developed tools and different ways of protecting copyrights, like the Book ID feature.

Strategies used by Scribd to keep up with the market:  

– Evolving with the technology:  Scribd wanted to keep current with the market, so the company amplified its services by growing organically throughout the years.

  • 2010: Scribd was available on e-readers and mobile phones as a web
  • 2013: Scribd also offer an app that could be found on most of the mobiles brand stores
  • 2014: the company added audiobooks to their catalogue making it more appealing for people with reading disabilities or that prefer listening to the books than reading.
Scribd App

-Environmental Consciousness: Scribd is a paperless platform, a fact that helps the planet greatly. With the amount of paper that was going to be used for the printing of books or magazines, which is no longer in need. Showcasing how important having a friendlier environmental impact is for the company. 

-Pricing: The monthly fee for the service is USD $8.99, which is a very reasonable price as their catalogue is vast, instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars by buying one book at a time, people could simply get the majority of them at one place. 

-Contactless: In the current pandemic time, social distancing is crucial and what better way to follow it. Rather than not having to leave your house to get access to a library, because is already available from the convenience of your phone, tablet or computer.

-Original content: By producing original content (Books, Ebooks and Magazines) Scribd Tries to increase their appealing to the existing customer base and the prospect customers, broadening their options and appealing.

-Partnerships: Partnering up with others is a great way of adding value to your products and services because customers are likely to get motivated to purchase your offer. As an example, Scribd has an alliance with an entrainment provider CONtv so users can get extra perks out of their membership.

Find below a photo of all partnerships Scribd is currently on: 

Give it a try: 
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