2  weeks ago I visited Sal Rose a hidden gem in plain sight! Here is why. 

About them.

Sal Rose is an Italian restaurant located at 1A Alberton, Mt Albert, Auckland.

What makes Sal Rose Special?

  • The organization: I called in advance to reserve the table as it was my friend’s birthday celebration; the table was already prepared and decorated for us when we reached the restaurant. On top of that, at the end of the dinner, they surprised us with a special cake for the birthday boy.
  • The Ambience: The restaurant has a considerable size and it is well-distributed over to 2 floors. The second floor is mainly used for private functions and the first floor has a smoking area at the front followed by the bar counter which ends in a beautiful wall display of wines.
  • Service: The owner’s customer service was exceptional; he explained all the items on the menu to us and a few of his experiences when he was travelling around Europe and how this motivated him to create his restaurant. His suggestions were so tasty and on point. Especially Rose wine.
  • Wait time: We were a group of 8 people and all ordered at least a plate each, so I was thinking it would take a fair amount of time for the food to be ready but honestly, it was on average around 15 minutes wait which to me seems good for the size of my group.
  • Options: Not all restaurants are vegetarian friendly. If they are, not many options are available. Sal Rose offered a great range of vegetarian/vegan and even keto-friendly options. The staff and the owner were very accommodating and made dishes that were tailor to the likeness and requirements of my group diet.

Review: My Overall experience was very smooth and great. I would rate Sal Rose as 9.9/10

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