Born as Richard Russell Riordan Jr, on june 5th 1964, in San Antonio Texas,United States. Rick Riordan is a famous writer that is a reference and inspirationto many other writers, including me.


-Rick Riordan first novel was Tres Navarres published in 1990. His breakthrough came with “The Lightning Thief ” in 2005; a greek mythology-based novel with amore juvenile market on mind that turned into a series also known as Percy Jackson And The Olimpians”.

His fan base grew rapidly due to the quality of his books and the deep connection developed by the fans with the book characters; so the author kept working on the topic by writing a sequel to the series called “The Heroes Of Olympus”, which was well embraced by the public and allowed him to introduce new characters and quests to the series henceforth the creation of a second spin-off called “The Trials Of Apollo”.

It seems like Rick Riordan saw the potential of the mythology market and made two additional series:

1.“The Kane Chronicles based on the Egyptian mythology

2.Magnus Chase” based on the Norse Mythology.

Without limiting his option to just the mythology scene, he also collaborated on “The 39 Clues Series” broadening his options to the appealings of adventure.

In 2016 Rick Riordan also launched an imprint, that is meant to publish material from other writers, that he felt his readers could be related to. I believe the idea behind this was to help other writers succeed but also to keep on updating his fans as he normally does 2 books in a year!

I started following the author’s work more closely in 2009, when there where rumours that a movie based on his books was going to be produced. I wanted to see if making a movie out of the series would be what the saga needed. In my opinion it definitely was not, even though the movie made some profits and was well produced; the level of details and accuracy a movie can provide for a book series is not the best, as in the movie industry a lot of changes are to be done to the script in order to have people related to the movie, or be able to recreate the scenes especially the ones that require an outstanding amount of special effects

Overall I would highly review the work of Rick Riordan 9.8/10, I look up to him and consider myself a fan, I can say honestly there is hardly a material of him I haven’t devoured and would continue to do so.

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