I like trying new things and challenges, So not long ago I decided to attend Quiz night at Brick Lane, New Lynn. 

About Quiz Night…

-For those of you who have never been to a quiz night, the event is held in a pub normally on a weekday. The aim is to reply to questions on different topics like general culture, history, music, geography, food, among others. People can play in groups or as individuals, the person or group with the greatest number of correct answers would win. 

What makes Quiz Night Special?

-The venue: Bricklane is a restaurant & bar located in the heart of New Lynn, the venue is big and well distributed. In my opinion, they value the importance of the game so they have TVs and sound systems all around the place, so anyone can participate.

-Prizes: Generally there are prizes for the top players on any Quiz Night; at Bricklane there are 3 or 4 prizes. These are mainly food vouchers that can be used at a later stage.

-Deals: Every day there are deals on different Items (Mains, salads, desserts and drinks) On Tuesdays when the Quiz night takes place, there is  2×1 in desserts. This could be very attractive to dessert lovers. 

-Competitiveness: After a couple of weeks of participating in the game with my team “De la Cruz”, I have noticed that there are a lot of great groups that are very competitive, which challenges us to do better and know more about different topics.

Please let me know what you think in the comments. Have you ever been to Quiz night before?? What was your experience like?? Would you like to go?

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