-Prime Video is a  Streaming Platform that was previously known as Amazon Unbox when it was created in 2006. Originally the service was only available in the United States, until 2011 when the company acquired Lovefilm, opening the Austria, Uk and Germany markets to them. 

Amazon Unbox was closed down in 2015 to have Amazon Video launched globally in early 2016; it seems like this was somehow confusing for Amazon users so the company decided to rename the services to ‘Prime Video’ in 2018.


-Like most streaming services, Prime Video charges monthly fees that would vary according to the number of screens and devices it would be used on. Under a single account, people can have up to 6 profiles, and stream in a maximum of 3 devices at the same time. If watching different titles or if watching the same title the maximum would be 2 devices. 

At the moment, Prime Video is only offering streaming services in New Zealand making the price very accessible; $8 for the basic account and $13 for a family account. The prices are on a monthly basis.

How big is the Amazon Prime video library? 

-Over 25.000 movies and 2.500 series. And the library keeps growing by the day as Amazon prime has been investing a lot of money on growing their catalogue from the 5.000 titles they started with. 

Where Can I access the services?

-Prime video has a website and app, meaning that people can stream it on any devices where apps/websites can be accessed. For those who own a chromecast, it does work on those devices and other kinds of casts lik the apple TV, Xbox and playstation. 


-As mentioned in the history of the company, 2015 was a huge year for the company, not only because of the changes to the name of the platform, but also because Prime Video won the first award for an original title. So the company shifted the focus from offering content from other channels that were booming at the time to producing or outsourcing their own content. 

Prime Video started to be recognized as a big name in the streaming industry in late 2016, as the company acquired a few titles that got a great deal of spotlight that same year. They also invested in understanding their demographics better and adapting to the market’s needs as a result nowadays the company has a tight grip on the sports segment, replacing previous providers in New Zealand as Sky sports. 

Independent films and series have gained a huge space within the platform, which has brought a fair amount of recognition to the streaming services. People that are fans of this kind of art have finally found a safe place to safely watch their content. 

In order to secure its place in the long run, Prime has made most of the agreements long term; for at least 3-10 years. A brilliant strategy to enforce their roots in their segment and a way to enhance their consistency.

The platform has also formed a great deal of alliances with different providers to be able to showcase their titles within the prime video app/website to name a few: Shudder, HBO, StarzPlay and Showtime. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, as of 15/04/21 the platform just passed the 200 Million subscribers mark, which seems to put it slightly behind Netflix with over 210 Million subscribers. 

How did Prime Video reach such numbers?  

-It seems like Prime was able to reach great numbers because it got included as a freebie in the amazon service packages deals. People need to bear in mind that Amazon is a huge company, in a recent study done by Investopedia it is number 3 on the top 10 biggest companies.  Resulting in the platform being able to reach high numbers. 

In the streaming industry having seniority is very important as it can be seen as reliability and authority. Prime has been in this industry for over 13 years now which is a key differentiator and an advantage for the company over their competitors. Over the years the platform has shown adaptability and maturity. 

Another factor that might have helped these numbers could be that the platform has been able to reach over 200 countries, while other platforms like Disney+ are still to grow their reach. Just for the comparison, Disney+ is in 63 countries at the moment. 

Is prime the best streaming platform? 

-By far this can be a debatable point as people would normally talk from their perspective, in order to be impartial I would refer to the facts and statistics. 

Research done by Uxplanet and Techradar have found that the main issues with Prime video when compared to other streaming platforms like Netflix are:

1. User experience: It is hard for the users to search and connect with titles even though the platform has a great library when searching for titles under the different categories, only a very few would come up. User most of the time do not realise how big the library catalogue is.

2.Glitches: There are few glitches within the platform; in the case of series, sometimes when restarting a show after a pause, the system would take you to the wrong episode. Some have appointed the issue to the software memory, when watching movies this could mean not saving the progress done in a title.

3. Navigation: To navigate the app can be hard sometimes as the main menu disappears when browsing through options; if people need the main menu, they might have to manually scroll up. The same happens when adding titles to your lists, as there is not a displayed option to easily add titles to your list. Instead, users would have to press different bottoms if they are using a Smart TV.

4.Subtitles: for some titles, the subtitles are either late or ahead; which means that if someone is not able to listen or understand what the movie or series is about the subtitles are not going to be of any help.

5. Inflation: Although Prime Video has gained a great number of subscribers, that does not translate into paid subscribers or actual people using their services, because the platform has been added to a package offered by amazon; which means that these people are registered with them and that they might use the service but are not the ideal consumer.

So, why is Prime Video a Giant Rising? 

-The platform has performed very well throughout the years as mentioned above, it has gained a place within the streaming services industry and people’s heart. It offers a great variety of movies, documentaries and series of both original and not original content. Also, most of the contracts and agreements they have signed are for at least 3-10 years securing themselves some stability and a good grip in the long hold.

As with any other business and/or companies, there are a few aspects that need to be improved to be able to become the best streaming platform. But people should also recognise the hard work the company has put into it already and the momentum they are experiencing now.

Additional information. 

I recently made a recommendation about 9 original Netflix series to binge-watch in 2021, and after writing this article I think It would be great to do one for the Prime Video catalogue. Please keep an eye on it and I would make sure to interlinked it with this article for future reference.

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