About them 

-Pastoral is a club by Lasallian Educational Institutions, that aims to encourage the youth around the world to be kind and to follow the core values of the institution: respect,faith, responsibility, communion and service. Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle was the founder of the institution and the inspiration for the club as he really felt for the community and started the school as a way to help the poor.

How does it work?

– Pastoral meetings are held once a week, after the school day has finished. There are different meetings as attendees are divided into smaller groups according to their ages or what school year they are in. 

In the majority of the cases there is a group leader that is in charge of running the meeting.The person would aim to teach values through activities, dynamics, videos, treasure hunts, challenges, plays,etc.

What makes Pastoral special?? 

  • Personal Growth: Shaping leaders and great human beings is the main objective of the group. Therefore pastoral always provides spaces like weekly meetings, camps and missions. On these, people are able to learn about how to be better and how to connect with yourself.
  • Giving back to the community: Pastoral is deeply rooted within the communities where the lasallian schools are located.They normally support retirement villages, shelter for orphan kids and pets. The support is economic and/or in time, to help run these places or sharing time with those in need.
  • Education: People who join the club would normally start by being attendees. Then, by getting educated and taking part in the camps and missions, the option of being a leader is offered.

“whom does not live to serve, does not deserve to live”

Mother Teresa

My experience with them

When I was around 10 years old, I joined Pastoral. We used to gather every friday to learn about  leadership-related values and to connect with my spirituality not just from the religious part, but also as a human being that wants to be better.  

I learned a lot and even graduated as a leader trainer which allowed me to teach others and run group meetings on friday. I also had the opportunity of volunteering in retirement villages and shelters throughout the pastoral network, which later on, helped me to get the job I am currently holding.

Review: My overall experience with Pastoral was 10/10. I would definitely recommend joining them and/or support their causes.

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