If you are a fan of travelling, I would highly recommend you to visit Milford Sound in the south Island, I have had the pleasure of being there 3 times and would go more times if the opportunity arises.

Where is it located?

-Milford Sound is located at Fiordland National park.

What is Milford Sound famous for?

– Apart from being extremely beautiful Milford sound is famous because movies like Avatar, wolverine and Jurassic park have shot movie scenes there.


How to get there?

Even though it is deep inside the vast premises, there are lots of ways to access it to name a few:

·Taking a boat cruise from Te Anau.

·Bus from Auckland

·Driving there by renting a car

·Take a helicopter from Queenstown

Ferry from Te Anau.

What do people do when they visit?

-In my opinion and after discussing it with people that have been in Milford before it seems like most people drive there to enjoy the sightseeing, be able to stop and take pictures along the way. Also, people travelling to Milford sound would normally pay for the ferry tour to spot sea animals, waterfalls and more.

So if you were to follow my advice, booking in advance these tours would be recommendable, but do not pay for the ferry food, instead eat at the cafeteria in the information centre at Milford Sound or try the Chilean cuisine at Kepler’s restaurant in the main road of Te Anau.

Kepler’s Te Anau

If possible after your visit to Milford Sound, stay within the region of Fiorland to avoid fatigue and to enjoy better what the region has to show.

Comment below if you have already been to Milford sound? If not, was this information useful?

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