Nowadays time is passing faster as we live busier lives and want everything to be immediate, Making it more and more stressful for our body and minds. I have written articles about how this can affect our mental health and how important it is to have coping mechanisms in place to help handle the stress. Therefore I thought I would share one great place to have yourself detoxed: The Kiwi Valley 

About them:

Kiwi Valley is a farm park located at 308 Henderson Valley Road, that offers different services to help you connect with the animals and nature in general. The establishment used to be a farm before, but around 2006 its founders Katty and Larry park decided to convert it into a family park, where everyone could learn about animals without confining them into cages and experience the farm life without living in the city.

Why am I recommending them? 

  • The animals: I believe there are a couple of factors that would make it special, but the main one would be to connect with the animals. In my personal experience animals help us relax because when you share with them everything else tends to go away and you focus on the moment you are living with them.
  • The environment: When you visit kiwi valley it seems like the air is fresher, and being surrendered by nature and beautiful sceneries helps to take your mind off and unwind from day to day obligations. Generally, most visitors are families, so to have children around you that are enjoying themselves and learning about new things is also another factor that would help you relax and connect with the experience.
  • The attractions: My favourite attraction was riding in the tractor and enjoying the views. The maze is fun and not as easy as I thought it would be to get out of. Walking in the gardens was also great and very peaceful. Riding the ponies or horses is great; I could not do it because of the weight restriction, but everyone seemed to have some much fun and the horses were very friendly.
  • Options: At kiwi valley you get to choose whether you want to have a picnic or eat at the restaurant located in the premises. So if you like having a meal out in the open while surrounded by nature, this would be the perfect place to have it. Or if you want a full day out and not to worry about cooking or cleaning afterwards the option would be there for you.

Please let me know what you think in the comments. Have you ever been to Kiwi Valley?? What was your experience like?? If you have not been, would you like to go?

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