About the authors:

The I am number four saga was written by Jobie Hughes and James Frey under the  pseudonym of Pittacus Lore. I believe this was the right decision as their job is incredible. They started writing in 2010 and finished late 2019 when they publish their last book return to zero

What makes I am number four saga special?

-The introduction: I think, the way the first book was written is very intriguing even the way the first chapter was put out, really captured me and got me hooked from the start. I probably finish readying it within 3 days and was left wanting more.

-Connection:  People of all ages can connect with the narrative, is easy to understand,  it clearly has a great deal of mystery and history involved. The authors clearly knew what went on for the previous 20 years as some of the events and places of interest around that time were thrown in the books;  which in my opinion help connects with the story as it makes it relatable. 

-The mix of topics: To mix special availabilities with life outside our planet is very brave. It would be hard especially if you wish to get your book into movies. Because it would be a big challenge in terms of science effects, and this is a must if you want the movie to be a hit and create enough sales for directors to be interested in doing sequels. 

-Sequel Books: The sequel books for the I am number 4 saga are very detailed, helping you connect with specific characters that are not necessarily given a lot of spotlight in the main books. Also in this specific case, the sequels books offer more context to Lorien and its citizens. 

-New ideas introduced: Although aliens and special abilities are topics that are not new there are a number of original ideas introduced in the saga like objects, creatures, languages, currencies and so more. My favorite new introduction is the chimaera as is a powerful yet considerate animal type of creature that can shapeshift and is very loyal. 

-Exposure: The books were a number 1  New York Time best seller for 7 consecutive weeks and 3 more weeks after that. The books got great exposure and got a movie made out of them as a result of the great reception received around the world, as 2021 the books have been translated to more than 30 languages. 

I could really keep talking about the I am number four saga but I do not wish to spoil too much for those who are looking forward to reading the books. If you are wanting to buy the books please find the link here

Overall I would highly recommend the I am number four saga and I would humbly rate the work of Pittacus lore 10/10, I look up to them and consider myself a fan, I can honestly say that there is hardly a material of the I am number four saga I haven’t devoured.

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