Spending extra on groceries shopping is something that happens very commonly. That’s why I have decided to write this article so people can start saving.

How to save Money when shopping for groceries: 

Choosing where to buy: There is a huge price difference between buying from a supermarket or a grocery store. The ability to offer the majority of products in one place is likely to end up costing more. This is particularly the case for supermarkets because there is a higher need for a bigger space, more options of products, staff and stock. Therefore resulting in them having to increase the price on products to enable profitability.

Groceries Stores are generally smaller, have less staff  and have a smaller range of products. As a result it can be said that the products are cheaper or the amount offered would be greater compared to the market. Another differentiation point is that groceries stores are tailored to customer base or ethnicities. Some  examples are: 

  • If the owner of the shop is asian is likely that some unique asian products are offered within the shop.
  • If the shop is located in a neighborhood where the majority of people belong to a specific nationality, there would be a demand that needs to get covered therefore the products are going to be tailored.

Regularity: Regardless of the establishment selected to do groceries shopping. It is very important that you stick with them over a number of months or years, as it takes time to get used to how they work. Each shop/branch/outlet would normally have their own promotions and deals, getting to know what they are, how often and if they are worth it is key to saving.

-Buy in bulk according to promotions: Is quite obvious that if you buy in bulk it would be cheaper than buying everytime a single product. What some people do not realise is that you should only buy in bulk when there is a promotion or if it is highly needed. This is why regularity is important, if you know how often the promotions are going to be running then you can plan to buy that product on the day the promotions are on. For example if once a month there is promotion in baby wipes or facial products then only by those products once a month.

-Make a list: It takes time and effort to make a list and follow it, but it is clearly the best way of saving money when shopping for groceries. Starting by the fact that using a list would help avoid buying products that have already been purchased and are not needed specially if these products are perishable, zero waste means more money saved.

Instead of browsing the store guideless, having a  list would save time and keep you focused on buying only what is necessary. Bear in mind that a list does not have to be a straitjacket, allocating amounts instead of items can be a way to be more flexible without leaving the budget. An example of this could be to write  down $50 in meat rather than individual items, ie, 1 mince, 1 chicken breast  and 1 pork belly.  Is also important to know that a list would work according to each individual and/or household needs, so use it to your likeness.

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