Getting to know yourself is difficult, especially for people that are not spiritual or that are not connected with themselves. Because this kind of topics are not of their interest or something that they know about. But it is essential in all life areas if you want to succeed. 

As an example: not long ago I was writing an article on how to get a job and it stricked me that the first step would always be getting to know yourself first. In simple words and in that context, what do you want? what are you good at?  and what needs improving?  So I decided that as soon as I would have posted that one, this was going to be the next article. 

I kept thinking that “The most valuable resource we have is ourselves”. Regardless of what aspect you want to improve, work on or reflect in, this is true because you play a key factor on how different situations play out and how to handle them. 

So, How to get to know yourself better? 

There are a lot of methods that people could use to get to know themselves like: 

Be silent:

Use silence as a way of understanding yourself and connecting with your emotions. Take five minutes to reflect on your day or a specific topic that you would like to understand and do it in silence; I bet it would be productive. If you are not able to keep still and be with yourself, there should be a reason for it. Find out why there is a need of being active all the time.

Write it down:

Writing your thoughts on a piece of paper or in the computer is also a great way of getting to know yourself better as it is a channel for you to communicate with yourself. If you are not certain about a decision this is a perfect way of helping yourself determine what to do next because you could write a list of con and pros to help assertively decide how to move forward.

This is such a good exercise because in a later stage you could review what you have written down and check whether your thoughts are the same or if they have changed about a specific matter.

Ask yourself questions:

Questions are the channel to create opinions on subjects and a great tool to understand yourself because it would get you thinking about different matters and reflect on your answers.

Make your own opinions:

Sometimes is easy to ask other people’s opinion on different matters than making your own one. Having an opinion in different topics and/or situations are of great import as it would drive your emotions and reactions towards that specific topic or situation i.e What’s your opinion on smoking? If this is something that you are radically against the chances of you smoking are almost none. But if you do not have one, there is a high chance that you would get influence by others.


There is a lot of self-awareness and mental health materials available online that can help you connect with yourself and getting to know you better. I believe they’re also great books about it like Getting to know yourself journal by Tamara L. Adams

Ask others:

People that know you well and are a close to you, are a great source of information about yourself. Ask them what they think about you and see how you feel about their answer. I am sure in anycase their answer would help to understand yourself better as you might agree with them because it is how you see yourself too or not agree with them as you know yourself better.

Get a mentor:

Let someone guide you on the process of getting to know yourself by talking to them and learn from their journey. Mentor’s often have tools and materials that you might have not thought of using that are very beneficial.

To conclude: I Would like to finalize by saying that no matter what method you use or follow, all of them would help you connect with yourself and understand yourself better if you are willing to give them a try. Furthermore, you can utilize these methods to understand what are your strengths and overcome your weaknesses as I suggested at the begging of the article.

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