About the author:

Kim Harrison is one of the best sellers recognised by the New York Time! I discovered her a long time ago and declare myself a fan; here is why…

I know she has written books for different topics but my personal favourite is the Hollows saga, because Fantasy and Science fictions are genders that can be repetitive as there are heaps of books that talk about vampire, witches, werewolves and so on. Kim managed to cover them and shifted in her own way so that the common knowledge is a stepping stone to expand the hollows world.

What makes the hollows saga special?

-Rachel Morgan: The Hollows saga starts by introducing Rachel Morgan, a witch detective, that is not fully on board with her gifts and does not know how to use them properly. On top of that, she does not have the greatest attitude and does not perform well as a detective either. So what is she good at? Making enemies and being noisy, gosh! the amount of trouble she gets into goes to my nerves, but has gotten me to read more than 10 books to keep updated on her life. 

-The mix of topics: most fantasy and science fiction writers tend to focus on one mythology when they write. Kim mixed vampires, werewolves, jinx, elfs,gargoyles, demons,witches, realms, different types of magics, politics, pandemics and more in this chaotic yet organised world where everything is entangled and each new book shines some clarity to the mystery. 

-Women empowerment: I think we are still living in a male orientated world so to have a female being the main character of the book and the key to everything within the hollows universe showcases that we are coming closer to equality.

Ivy, Rachel´s colleague and best friend, is the definition of girlboss, she is literally a force to be reckoned with. Allowing readers to reflect that there is no only a way of being a strong woman and that everyone is great in their own way. 

-Inclusivity: I feel like nowadays is more common that writers include same sex relationship but when Kim started writing that was not the case. So it seems like having that empowerment and inclusivity is also a key differentiator for the saga.

My opinion:

I could really keep talking about the hollows but I do not wish to spoil too much for those who are looking forward to reading the books. If you are wanting to buy the books please find the link here.

Overall I would highly recommend the Hollows saga and I would humbly rate the work of Kim Harrison as 9.5/10

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