If you are a big eater like me, you would probably have heard about Gengis Khan, if you have not, here is my review on them. 

About them.

-Gengis Khan is a bbq buffet restaurant chain inspired by the Mongolian conqueror Genghis Khan. They are currently very well distributed around New Zealand and constantly opening new branches. 

I would be talking about the Auckland branches as they are the ones I visit more often! 

What makes Gengis Khan Special? 

  • Business model: Every time I go to Gengis Khan, I am always amazed about their business model and how well thought it is. How does it work? -Customers get to choose what they want to eat. There are some already cooked options like sushi, fried rice, salad among other premade options. Customers can also design their dish, by choosing what they want to eat and handing it over to a chef who would promptly cook it for you. This is a key differentiator for the restaurant, because there is no need for customers to get directly involved with the preparation of the food; meaning that people do not get dirty or warm while cooking their dish like the case is in a Korean Buffet. 
  • Proximity: The chain of restaurants is conveniently distributed around Auckland, making it accessible for everyone. At the moment I believe just in Auckland there are over 10 branches located at key locations like New Lynn, Takapuna, Henderson, among others.
  • Pricing:  Each branch Charges a different price but it would normally range from $25-35 NZD. I would say that it is even cheaper than in most restaurants. The reason being that with the fixed amount people pay, they can have starters, mains, desserts and coffee.  
  • Wait time: The dynamic of the establishment ensures that the quantity of time waited to be served or to eat is very short. Normally when you enter the premises, the first thing would be to pay for the food and get a drink. After that, you can start enjoying premade dishes or get a fresh meal in less than 5 minutes. 
  • Size: The restaurant Venues are bigger than your regular size restaurant. This is great when hosting a celebration or a big group get together as there is room for everyone! 

What to improve?

I believe there is always room for improvement in any business. For Gengis Khan, is that their image is not that consistent. Starting with their name been spelt differently in some of the branches pages or Google my business accounts. Follow by the responsiveness of their pages. Also to have different prices in each branch can be a bit confusing to the public. To be fair, I do not think is a massive issue, because for a restaurant what matters the most is to have great food and service. They got that cover, let me assure you!

Review: My Overall experience was very pleasant and to the point! I would rate Gengis Khan as: 8.5/10.

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