If you like arcade games, I would like to recommend Game on arcade 

Where is the venue located?

-Game on is located in Skyworld at the heart of Auckland City, Literally  next to Aotea Square. 

What makes it special? 

  • Distribution and Games: The gaming centre is displayed over 4 floors, it offers a great variety of games, video games, price collectors among others. 
Arcade Game at Game On
  • Loyalty Programs:  you can choose between a loyalty card or a colourful bracelet, to which discount prices are attached forever. In terms of economy, this is wonderful, as you would be saving each time a game is played. 
  • Tickets:  Is very common that arcades offer the option of collecting tickets while visiting, regardless if you are a recurring customer or not, those tickets are to be exchanged for prizes like table games, speakers, clothes, etc. What is not common is that those tickets could be store on your loyalty card or bracelet to be collected in a later stage.
  • Safe environment: If you are looking to make friends, Game on is a very good place to do so, as it is a safe environment, not alcohol is sold in the premises neither is it allowed, the consumer base of the shop is families and teenagers.
Safe Environment at Game On
  • Convenience: As mentioned before being in Skyworld puts the store in a very advantageous position, as it is very convenient for people that are already in the premises doing something else to visit the Arcade. 

Additional features: 

-If you are after a venue to hold a fun event without having to pay a booking fee,  Game On Arcade should be in your mind. The premises are very spacious, offer a whole range of games and activities to do. Normally for birthday celebrations, the store would give a further discount and even free games as to show appreciation. 

Let me know in the comments below whether you agree or not, and if you have been to Game On arcade before or not.  

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