Last week, a few of my friends invited me for dinner to celebrate my birthday. I have to admit it has been going on for the whole month but is not like anyone is counting. Anyway, I was very excited about it.

The place they had selected was Food Truck Garage. To be honest, I had seen the place but never visited it. 

About them.

-Little I know, the restaurant started as a TV Show about making junk food into healthy food. They are resided in the centre of the city, a block away from the Sky Tower. (90 Wellesley Street West, Auckland 1010) 

What makes a Food Truck Garage special?

  • The organization: The restaurant is run as a thigh ship. My friend made a reservation for us so we had the biggest table in the venue. Water was already placed on the table for us, along with the menus and cutlery. It seemed from the beginning that they were prepared to host us and provide a great service experience.
  • The Ambience: When deciding where to eat, location and ambience are key factors that would help determine whether to select a restaurant or not. City Works Depot was originally the Auckland council workshop back in the day. So to have the chance to eat somewhere with such a rich history is motivating. Also worth mentioning that the building keeps its original charm. But is now mainly occupied by restaurants like food truck garage.
  • Service: To put it in simple words it was amazing! The waiter was knowledgeable, friendly and very open. He gave us free nachos because it was my birthday celebration and he offered to take a picture of us when we were leaving.
  • Wait time: Followed by our beverages the starters were placed first. I would say 5 minutes later we had the rest of the meals. Sounds delicious right?
  • Options: not all restaurants are vegetarian friendly. If they are, not many options are available. Food Truck Garage offered a great range of vegetarian/vegan options and very tasty in my opinion.

Review: My Overall experience was very smooth and great. I would rate Food Truck Garage as 9.8/10

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