As mentioned in other posts, I would always try to provide value to my readers, so today I would be reviewing my insurance broker as I feel they have done and incredible job with me and my company. 

How did I get to know them? 

As usual, when I am uncertain about something, I tend to google it and/or use my networking connections to connect with the right company. On this occasion, I remember googling the specific service I wanted and First Commercial Insurance brokers were ranked within the top 3. 

About First Commercial Insurance Brokers.

Located in the heart of New Lynn, this insurance broker company offers multiple insurance options for individuals, businesses, machinery and property to name a few. If you would like to know more about them please click here

Stewart Hunt decided to open his own company after working for over 13 years in the insurance market. 

What did I like about Stewart ?

-He has incredible customer services skills and he is a man of his word i.e The first time I contacted him to find more information about his services, he said he was going to call me back within an hour, which he did. 

Since the beginning I could tell he was very knowledgeable and numerate, he gave an approximate about my insurance while driving and then send me a proper quotation, the difference was 10 dollars. 

How has it been my experience with First commercial Insurance Brokers? 

-In 3 months it would be my first year with them. I am very happy with my insurance policy, what it covers and the cost. They were not the only company I quoted from, but the one with the best combination between price affordability and top customer service. 

Another fact that help me choose them was the fact that Stewart offered me flexibility in terms of payment, which was helpful for my business cash flow. By listening to my needs and understanding that my company was just starting he ensured that I would be a recurring client. 

Accordingly, I have got a second policy with them recently and feel like I would keep on using their services. As I feel valued, appreciated and heard. If you wish to use his services please get in touch today by following this link, mention that you have been referred by or Hugo Diaz, I am sure you would not regret it. 

Review: Overall I would review First commercial Insurance Brokers as 10/10 due to my experience as their client and the range of services they offer.

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