One of my favorite places to be at is Dress Smart in Onehunga; I found that If you are looking for where to shop cheaply in Auckland then you should definitely visit! For those that do not know Dress Smart is an outlet shopping center where you can find the following globally known brands:

What makes Dress Smart special?

-Price and bundle deals!!! Especially now that Tommy’s and Calvin’s stores are open 🙂  I went there last wednesday and found out that if you register to be a member with them you can purchase items with 10% discount for life and it would also cover products that are already on discounted prices. 

How to get the most discount when shopping there? 

-The outlet normally offers very good prices but if you are like me and like outstanding value for the products purchased.  I recommend to go during public holidays, as the shops tend to make even greater discounts. Sometimes it can go as high as 50% percent store wide or pay one get one free deal. 

-When there is a change of season is very known in the clothing industry that brands would lower the prices in order to get rid of the old collection making space therefore for the new season collection. New Zealand and more specifically Dress Smart is no exception to the rule, so another great time to visit would be in the change of season. 

-Keep an eye on their website, I have attached the link here, they normally post if they have any promotion running in the shopping centre so it always pays off to be on the lookout. 

-If you are not that much of a reader they normally do have a  social media presence mostly in facebook find the link here.

Example of the discount you could get at Dressmart: 

A V-Neck sweater purchased in Tommy, that was already discounted from the original price $159 NZD acquired for $35.10 NZD after applying the VIP member discount. 

Dress Smart Example

Please let me know what do you think on the comments, Have you ever shop at Dress Smart?? What was your experience like?? Would you agree?

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