If you are considering which streaming platform to use in order to watch: movies, series, and documentaries. People tend to think or find themselves between Disney+ and Netflix.

What are people saying?

-Most people would normally say “Disney+ is new and not worth it yet”, but in fact, they couldn’t be more wrong; it is the opposite, Disney was one of the first movie producers, and they have been in the market since 1934, while Netflix started as a movie rental by the name of kibble in 1998, then changed and adapted their business model to a streaming platform in 2007 and started producing their own content on 2013.

Why are these platforms so appealing to the audience?

-Disney+ has increased their appeal to people by buying from other companies classic movies that are everyone’s favourites so those who are fanatics would use their platform. Netflix on the other hand focuses on releasing as much content as possible; by taking advantage of every opportunity such as the current situation with the Covid-19.

Strategies applied by both to succeed:


-Disney+ trust what they have built through the years, hoping that would help to retain their customer base and also bring a younger generation of followers. While still generating more content both related to their movies and shows, or new content to grow further their streaming services.

Something they have gotten their eyes on and made them different is the short films and clips, which is original content based/following the storyline of movies like ‘Toy Story’

Also narrowing the time that movies take from being shown in the theatres to hit Disney +, like the case of ´The Lady and the Trump´ and ´Frozen 2´. Or directly launching movies on the platform by charging extra to watch the tittle.


– The platform produces tailor material for different countries, with broader philosophies, topics, political influences and appealings. Always giving it global exposure so that bigger communities, users and individuals can connect, engage and interact to their proposals at the platform.

Also releasing monthly content even if it is not original, but doing it at different times in each country so people can be more captivated and compelled to watch when it gets released in their own country.

Another strategy that Netflix uses is to monitor and to showcase the top 10 titles seen in each country every day so that it would look more engaging to the people browsing.

What is my personal opinion?

 -Personally, I use them both and some other platforms to stream movies as I consider myself as a cinephile. I can recognize the nostalgia that growing up following Disney productions can bring into people, and that would incline their likeness towards Disney even at an early stage. But as User of Netflix for more than 7 years I wouldn’t deny the giant they have become and the expectation their users have grown over the years, they aren’t going anyway.

Conclusion: -To conclude is up to each individual, to choose which platform to use or whether to use them both, as it is a decision that would be directly related to feelings and likeness, what is true is that both platforms are working hard to bring quality content to our screen and therefore to our lives,  Let’s enjoy it.

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