The idea behind this blog is to share with my readers good services, places & experiences. Today I want to talk about my accountant (Corporate Financial Services)

How did we meet? 

-I first met Brian in 2018 when I was looking for someone that would help me pay my taxes when I was a Uber Eats Partner.  Believe it or not there are not a lot of accountants that know about this specific topic.  If you would like to know more about my experience with Uber please follow the link here

As usual when I am uncertain about something, I tend to google it and/or use my networking connections to connect with the right company. On this occasion I remember he was referred to me by Neighbourly

What did I like about Brian?

-He picked up my call in my first attempt which was great. He listened to my needs and quickly realized that because at the time I was only working part time. Using his services was not ideal for me, instead he explained to me what to do in order to pay my taxes on my own for free. 

His kindness moved me and saved me an unnecessary fee. As he said the process was quite easy and automatic.  I decided right there that I was going to use his services later on. 

How did he become my accountant? 

-I was very fortunate because Covid 19 encouraged me to create my own business TempsNZ. So whom do you think I called to help me with the process? Yes, Brian! 

Again, he listened to my new needs and guided me in the creation of my company. This time he introduced me to his company CFS and over a video call explained to me what services I would need to acquire in order to create and run it. 

How has it been my experience with Corporate Financial Services?

-I could not be happier with them as they are always there for me. Their support in this past year has been unique.  I have learned a lot thanks to them and I am very certain we are going to continue to grow together. 

Now I do not only have an accountant but a whole team that looks after me and my business.

What Services do they offer? 

  • Taxes: Help your company legally comply with the law by helping you do tax returns, GST and other legalities.
  • Trainings: Learn about developing marketing strategies that would help your business gain awareness and clients. Business plans tailored to your needs and goals. Organisational reviews to determine who is in charge of the different activities necessary to run your organisation and achieve KPIs.

Special offer. 

– Due to the great relationship we have created with CFS and their team, they have decided to offer a free meeting to my readers. So for those who are looking to get an accountant or in need of any of the services listed above. Please get in touch with them here or any other channel. Do not forget to mention you were referred by Thoughtsonair or Hugo Diaz.

Review: Overall I would review Corporate financial Services as 10/10 due to my experience as their client and the range of services they offer.

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