As a foodie, I really enjoy trying different cuisines. This time I would like to talk about a noodle saloon I recently came across; without even having to make reservations, my experience was trouble-free and very positive.

  • How was my experience:

Chop Chop is a very nice place to be dinning at, as the ambience transports you to an Asian street, complemented by a phenomenal service and the food which was more than worth it. Starting with the plates looking very pleasant, followed by the size of the plates that in my opinion were bigger than usual; considering that I have been in lots of restaurants.

Chop Chop Ambience
  • Food taste:

-The taste of the food was very on point, nothing was overcooked or undercooked, the noodle soup was tasty with the right amount of flavours; not too many, just the needed amount to be able to distinguish them. Something that caught my attention was that the chicken is halal, a very good point for the restaurant as this would attract people that consume only halal food.

  • Pricing:

-In terms of price, you have to bear in mind that the shop I went to was at Ponsonby Central, so to have the biggest dish on the menu being offered for $26 NZD is more than fair. On the other hand, the cocktails were incredibly cheap, since at most places a cocktail would be around $20, meanwhile, Chop Chop had a starting price of $12.

Chop Chop main Dish
  • Time waited:

-Last but not least, I noticed that the amount of time waited to be served was under 10 minutes with the restaurant almost full. It seems like as the name suggests when translated, the people at chop chop are in a hurry to provide the fastest and effective service out there.

Review: My overall experience would be likely to be a 9/10.

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