About Anitta. 

-Globally known Brazilian super star Anitta, started her International career in 2017, singing in Spanish and English in addition to her native language Portuguese. As revealed by herself in 2017, she felt that her national career was already solid, after 7 years of building a national fan base.

Haters tend to think of the singer as vulgar, which may be true as the artist is not scared of sharing her sexuality, religion, point of view or even embarrassing moments. Some would even go further and classified her as “not talented, as she can not reach high notes as other artists do”, and that ” the music she sings is very commercial and linked to sex”. But would really a person without talent have such a big following?.

Anitta’s History: 

– Anitta was born Larissa de Macedo Machado in Rio the Janeiro Brasil. She decided that for her artistic name she was going to be called differently. As she believed at the stage, she needed to represent someone strong and fearless. She got the name inspiration from a TV show and tweaked it to her likeness.  

While growing up, funk was the most famous and commonly known gender in the favela where Anitta lived for almost her whole life. She said in many interviews that changing her financial status was not going to change who she is, and her roots. Accordingly, her music is likely to continue having funk carioca sounds and represent the core rhythms of brazil. 

She is known to be a bright businesswoman because she was her own manager until 2017 when she signed with an American firm to help represent her brand internationally. She used to lead a team of more than 200 people for her artistic persona Anitta. And also had the time to manage a company that represents mainly Dj’s and funk artists in Brazil, which seems to be her aim after retiring from singing.


-Anitta, only on Instagram, is followed by more than 52 million people. She is one of the highest paid artists in latin America, and since June 2020 was the 3rd political influencer of Brazil. She has been listed among the Social 50 Artists of billboard for more than 2 years now, showing her impact on social media.

Netflix, Gloob and Multishow have thought of her highly enough to grant Tv shows of her own: Netflix’s Vai Anitta, Gloob’s Anittinha’s club and Multishow’s Anitta entrou no grupo and Anitta dentro da casinha. She also featured as couch in The Voice Mexico 2018; due to these shows, she was able to create relations and collaborate with artists that she always admired like Madonna and Snoop Dogg.

The pop star has been granted a lot of spotlight in the business industry too. She was invited to give conferences in different universities including Harvard, and business conventions both nationally and internationally.

Ambassador Deals: 

-Brands internationally and nationally recognized her potential, therefore she is an ambassador off, to name a few: 

Why keeping an eye on Anitta in 2021? 

-She has just announced that her fifth album Girl From Rio is coming up this month which seems very promising. The album was described as a mixture of known Brazilian rhythms and songs with more modern sounds and genres. The first lead single of the album was Me Gusta where elements of Pagode Baiano, Funk and Latin pop could be found. Anitta has stated that her aspiration with the album is to introduce further the Brazilian culture and hopefully gain a broadened reach within the Latin and English market.

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