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Welcome to Thoughts On Air, My name is Hugo Diaz, Let me tell you my Story:

Since I was little, I have dreamed of becoming a writer as I love Telling stories, reading books and watching movies. My wildest dream would be to have a TV Show made out of my books.

When I graduated High school in Colombia, I decided to work towards that goal, by learning English as I noticed that would be the market I would need to tap into. So I moved to New Zealand in 2016, A beautiful country that has been nothing but amazing to me.

After getting my residency sorted late 2018, I decided that I wanted to give back to the community so I started looking for a job where I could help those in need. Shortly after I got a job as a support worker for Idea Services, a health care provider for people with disabilities.

Something interesting that happened in 2019, was meeting the owner of Verve Magazine, she was really nice and offered to publish my first ever article Colombia Calling.

In 2020, I had the opportunity of becoming the co-owner of TempsNZ, a recruitment and outsourcing company, where we help people to connect with great companies and job opportunities. We also solve companies needs by providing other services like website translation, language tutoring, among others.

I like to balance my work life with different ways of entertainment like travelling, board games, spa days and fashion. I am also a foodie and a cinephile.

As 2021 I realised that I needed to share all this experiences and learnings I had acquired by growing in each area: Living abroad, working in the health care industry, being a business owner and enjoying different ways of entertainment. Therefore, I decided to create this blog where I would be sharing weekly Articles, Reviews and Recommendations. Please enjoy the ride with me and learn.

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