I have noticed that nowadays people struggle to find shows to watch on Netflix because sometimes you feel like you have seen it all.

I decided to put together 9 New Netflix’s originals series I recommend to binge-watch:

1.Lupin: I think this show would be very appealing for people that like seeing some self-inflicted justice and robbery. I really like that the french show earned a spot on the Netflix catalogue and the exposure is given to the language and french culture.

2.Who killed Sara: This show is a typical Latin American soap opera, the tweaks the show has, the family feud and so many other elements makes it perfect for those that are into Latin American drama shows.

3.The innocent: Based in Spain, this show is very catchy for those that like not knowing how things are connected until explained. What I mean by that is each chapter talks about the story of a different character in the series but until Chapter #3 there is not a connection between the stories. I find it genius because some shows are too predictable to my likeness.

4.Shadow and bond: Discovering the true nature of a character within a series is very special that’s exactly what happened at Shadow and bond. The series follows the journey of Alina Starkov, the main character of the series and how she matures with the adversities she has to cope with. Perfect for those that are into Science fiction and adventure.

5.Fate, The Winx saga: This title made me nostalgic as it is an adaptation of a famous cartoon called the Winx Club, which I used to watch and liked when I was a kid. Normally when there is a live-action series made from a cartoon it tends not to be as good as the original; as it is hard to create science fiction effects, create the exact costumes, find people that can resemble the characters and so on. In my opinion, they did a good job with the science fiction effects and changing the narrative of the series to make it appealing for people of all ages.

6.Sky Rojo: In my opinion, the idea of this show is to advocate that not all of the prostitutes are working willingly like the case is for the 3 main characters of the series that end up fighting to get out of the profession after almost killing their pimp. Without saying too much I would recommend this title to those that would like to learn more about the topic.

7.Crime Scene, the vanishing at the Cecil hotel: Do you want to know about the history of a sinister hotel? If so this show would be perfect for you as it is set on a recent mysterious case where the case had to be closed because not enough proofs were found. Years later people are still shocked about the case of Elisa Lam.

8.Bridgerton: 1 word to describe this series is Romance! Bridgerton is based in London while the regency era was taking place. It was actually released on December 25th 2020, but gained broader recognition in January after the Christmas holiday was over. This title has actually become the most-watched series on Netflix and has been confirmed to have at least 3 more season due to it success

9 the irregulars: I would not say much about the series as I made a whole post about it, if you wish to read it find it here. The series is a mix of science fiction and crime investigation. So I am pretty sure most of you would like it.

Let me know in the comments whether you have seen any of the tittles mentioned on the list. Which one sounds the more appealing to you?

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