It seems like a lot of people are not aware of the importance of having good mental health habits; furthermore, the majority of people do not know what mental health is, so let’s start with the definition

What´s Mental health??

-Mental health could be defined as the way we cope emotionally, psychologically, and socially to external emotions,  physical challenges and stress. So pretty much the  way you think, act and interact with others. 

8 Great Mental Health habits you should start practicing:

  1. Time for yourself: One of the simplest ways to improve your mental health is to allocate time for yourself; to do something that passionates you. Sometimes busy people do not realize the importance of having time for themselves as it could strike them as laziness or unproductive time. Personally, I have heard this before several times and wished to argue but realized that probably as mentioned above they might not know about mental health at all. If visiting new places makes you happy, go there every week or every day; bear in mind that time spent on yourself is never wasted.
  1. Be Social: Sharing what’s on your mind with others is very helpful as we are sociable creatures; most people would feel relief when sharing what’s on their mind with others as they can help find solutions for your problems. But most importantly, the fact that you have someone to talk to would make you feel appreciated and valued. Furthermore, it can make people feel like they belong to a community that cares about them and has a purpose in life.
  1. Problem Solving: When dealing with issues, rather than only expressing what’s on your mind always look for solutions or steps that can be taken on your end in order to solve them. It would keep you focused and hopeful, which is very important especially if you are dealing with a negative situation.
Problem Solving! Mental Health Tip
  1. Take care of your body: Resting is very important if you want to be productive and efficient on daily routine tasks. Ensure that you are eating and drinking accordingly. Exercising is a good way of caring for your body as it helps to be healthy and fit, try integrating walks or a sport of your likeness into your routine.
  1. Peace of mind: Overthinking, over caring and trying to control everything are some of the most common signs of poor mental health. Do your best always! but learn how to let go unnecessary stress and anxiety. It is normal to not know all the answers and to not control everything that happens around us, afterall we are only humans and that’s okay. 
  1. Be Grateful: Look closely at your life and I bet you can find things to be grateful for or put yourself in other people’s shoes when compared to others we can see things in our lives to be grateful for. Being grateful helps to be positive and to attract more benefits to your life.
Be grateful! Mental Health Tip
  1. Break the routine: Monotonous lives often lead to boredom and disappointment. Giving your life some spice by doing something new would help you to be happier. Try different cuisines, attend events or simply read a new genre of books.
  1. Reading: Keep informed about coping mechanisms. In that way, if you ever face a difficult situation you are effectively prepared to handle it. Reading can keep your mind off things and helps you to remain occupied and focused. If you ever need help to find authors or books to read I constantly search in this blog as I constantly upload content in that regard.
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