Queenstown is a beautiful city all year long, but to me, the best time to visit is December, as there are a lot of people visiting, so the town is full of life and there are more things to do. If you have not visited Queenstown, I would say that it could be the best destination for Christmas.

What makes Queenstown special? 

-The city itself is breathtaking, surrounded by mountains, snow and lakes, Queenstown can be appealing to those that are interested in snow-related sports, adventures, tracking and sightseen. 

5 things to experience in Queenstown.

1.Skyline: I would say the skyline is a must-visit, as a foodie I would recommend dining at the buffet restaurant that by far has the best view in town. The luges are a great attraction that provides lots of adrenaline and excitement; people of all ages can use the attraction so if you are visiting with family this is an activity that can be done together. If you do make it to the loges please try at least three laps, as I would say that’s when people start to get the hang of it.

2. Nightlife: Queenstown nightlife is very livid and there are bars for all kind of people; definitely visit the ice bar, the cocktails are nice, it is a great place to take pictures and enjoy ice hockey. If you are on a budget some companies give free entries when you purchase another attraction with them like Backpackerdeals.com or Getyourguide.com

My top three bars are Bermuda (electronic and house music) Bungalow (latin music) and World bar ( pop English music) if you wish to know more about the nightlife and bars of Queenstown watch this video. 

3. Travel around: Queenstown is nearby top places to visit in the south island; to name a few Wanaka, Cromwell, Arrowtown and Cardrona. All of these towns are full of history and things to see and do.

 I think is also worth it to visit  Te Anau and Milford Sound; a bit of a long drive but totally worth it. Please find Here a recommendation I did about them and what to do if you ever go. 

4. Go Snowboarding or skiing: I not gonna lie I was not great at snowboarding but I think everyone has to try it as is very fun and entertaining. So far I have only been in Cardrona, but there are other places around that you could also try. If you are tech-savvy I think a great tool to get greatly discounted prices is www.bookme.co.nz

5. Get in the jetboat: If you enjoy river relegated activities this would be for you, as on top of enjoying the amazing views Queenstown have to offer, you can also experience high-speed adrenaline while learning about Queenstown history and geography.

Please let me know what you think in the comments, Have you ever been to Queenstown?? What was your experience like?? Would you agree with me? Can you suggest any other great things to do?

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