The government has recently announced that people living in New Zealand can travel to Australia without having to quarante when they return to the country.  If you are thinking about travelling there,  I would recommend visiting Brisbane 

5 reasons to visit Brisbane right now. 

  1. Size: Travellers that like modern, but yet small cities are going to really enjoy Brisbane, as it is a vibrant city big enough to attract 1.4 million international visitor as 2019, and at the same time not big enough to take more than a week while visiting.
  2. Nature: A big portion of visitors, travel to Brisbane because they are into nature; Brisbane has very well known Koala sanctuary, in which people can interact with more than 70 species of animals, being the majority Australian native. Also offers a big range of gardens, parks and bush walks with breathtaking views and nature.
  3. Innovation: Brisbane does not have natural sandy beaches instead the city offers a man-made beach conveniently located in a South bank right in the heart of the city. South Bank is a park alongside the river with an extension of more than 17 acres. The park hosts a great mixture of  commercial establishments and residential homes and apartments. The main transportation is the ferry that connects more of the city.  Conveniently you can take a ferry tour and choose to be dropped off near that specific spot you wish to visit even if that spot is a bar or a restaurant.
  4. Proximity: Another brilliant fact about the city is that within a short drive people could visit other cities and towns like:Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast , Gold Coast, etc. Which would increase the likeness of visiting Brisbane.
  5. Weather: Some people would attribute the weather of Brisbane as the best one in Australia,while travelling some local tourist would say that apart from catching up with friends or family they would just pick Brisbane for its weather.

Those are my 5 reasons to visit Brisbane would you agree? Have you been in Brisbane, would you be interested in travelling there soon? Let me know in the comments below.

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