If you are passionate about any subject there is a high chance that others will be too. So I recommend that you search for a club to join or start your own as being part of a Club is being part of a community that would support others but mostly you. 

Let’s start by defining What a Club is? 

The dictionary definition of a club is “an association dedicated to a particular interest or activity.” which means in simple words a group of people that get together as they share the same interest. 

4 reasons why you should join a club in 2021! 

1-Learn new skills: When you attend any club, the idea is to become better at what the club is about. So right away you’re learning new skills. On top of that, I am sure you will learn additional skills such as how to be a team player and how to communicate with others to name a few. 

2-Get experience: If you join a club it would look very good on your CV. Regardless if it is just a hobby or a more professional kind of thing because employers can see values like consistency or team work, which are valuable in any workplace.

3 Networking: In clubs, there are normally a number of members to which you can connect and bond with over time, which at the end of the day is a very good way of growing a network of people. 

4. Grow your Confidence: When belonging to a club especially for a couple of years, you build confidence and grow your expertise, as you get better at the core activity of the club. This could be utilized later on to earn a living or to scale within the club.

Here’s a personal example of how joining a club really benefited me and helped in my life.  When I was around 10 years old I joined a club called Pastoral Juvenile. We would attend events that would provide training on how to become leaders and the importance of giving back to the community and family. As a result, I am currently working as a support worker, thanks to the skills set I gained by being in the club for over 7 years. 

I think Pastoral helped to, shape the human being I am today, to know myself betterand to set up my value system. For those reasons I would totally recommend joining a Club.

Let me know in the comments whether you agree with me or not, whether you have been in a club or not? Also keep an eye out for a Pastoral post coming out soon!

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