Apple TV + is a new platform that is aiming to connect with a broader audience by offering original content that is unique, sophisticated, easy to connect and relatable so lots of people would want to watch it.

Why am I recommending Apple TV+?

-Last year I bought the latest Iphone and I got given some of the newest apple services like the arcade extension, the fitness app and some much more. Among the services my favourite was Apple TV+. At the beginning, I was not that familiar with the platform so I quickly made myself familiarised with the titles. Right now I feel confident that I know the platform well enough to recommend it.

Apple TV + was Launched in 2019 in 100 countries, the idea behind the platform was to compliment the Apple TV by making it more complete and robust service. I also believe they have managed to developed the least battery consuming platform in the market.

3 Series to Watch on Apple TV+ in 2021

The morning show

-The TV industry is definitely a very competitive space that can be very toxic to say the least. This series showcases the dark side of being exposed to too much fame and spotlight. I love the cast of the show as there are some big names like: Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell to name a few. Like in my others TV series recommendations I would try not to say too much about the series but still showcase what seems to be the best points of the show in my opinion.

The Morning Show´s main discussed issue is the sexual harassment which to me seems not be covered in dept in other TV Shows. I really liked that they showcased not only by the victim but also by the offender. It is a perfect scenario for people to learn which actions and situations to be avoided so we do not find ourselves in a vulnerable situation.


-Adopting a child is not an easy task especially in developed countries where there are not as many children for adoption and there are lots of regulations/requirements in order to be considered a suitable fit. This is the case for Jason and Nikki, a couple in their 30´s that are wishing to start a family in London and have to start understanding first if that would work for them and then understanding about this new world. What I really like about it is that it shows real people and their feelings as it is not always pitch perfect.

Defending Jacob 

-What would you do if your child or partner was accused of murder? This is the case for Jacob, a young teenager that finds himself in the centre of a murder investigation. His family has to guide him through the process of a trial while getting adjusted to the changes in their lives as individuals and as a family. Crime is one of the most popular topics in the series market at the moment and is widely covered. What I like about the series is that you start discovering so much about the character and their lives throughout the first season but the main question is “is he guilty?”. It is not resolved for you, instead people have to choose what to believe with the information provided both in court and outside the court so the audience becomes part of the jury at some stage. Also for the captain america fans, he is playing as Jacob´s dad.

Let me know in the comments whether you have seen any of the titles mentioned on the list. Which one sounds the most appealing to you?

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