When moving abroad there are a handful of things to do before getting settle in the new country you have chosen to live. Please find below a list of them.

11 Things you need to do when moving to a new country.

1.Determine your goal: I strongly believe that firstly people need to determine what are they expecting to accomplish while living overseas.  An example would be an international student his goal would be to learn the native language and/or the country culture.  

2.Visualise it: It doesn’t matter how big or difficult those accomplishments/goals are, if you can visualise it, then you can make it happen. 

3. Make a Plan:I would say come up with a plan of how to reach your goal; how long would it take you to accomplish it, Internal and external factors, among others. 

4.Gather Information: Information is a key factor so start by gathering as much relevant data as possible. Being aware of the legal requirements that need to be followed before making your goals become a reality is fundamental.

5. Create Connections: You would also need to create connections; networking is much easier nowadays as there are forums, groups and different channels to engage with communities and individuals that fancy the same ideas, interests or ideologies that you do. Surround yourself with people that would influence you to keep the focus on your target because there are enough distractions already out there.

6. Make yourself accountable:Write down what is expected from you, for instance, if you want to get the job of your dreams: perhaps do you need to study further? or how many job applications do you need to send each day? or each week?

7. Work Hard: Give your 100% and just do it, do not hesitate because if you don’t work for your goals, they are not going to work for you. If possible hang your plan somewhere where you would be able to see it every day, so motivation can keep coming your way.

8. Integrate your goals to your day to day life: Make sure the services providers you would use for your daily activities are tailor to your needs and goals, believe it or not, that would make your life smoother, especially when everything is new for you. 

An example would be to do your banking with banks that suit you, not because is cheaper, cheaper doesn’t mean good, what would save you a couple of dollars now might create a headache later on. 

9. Stick with the rules: Follow the rules, even silly ones, if you want to settle properly in a new country you have to adapt yourself to it. I know lots of people who aren’t happy after they move overseas just because their mindset is the same as if they hadn’t moved.

10. Open-mindedness: Keeping your mind open to new ideas, opportunities and routines are rather obvious, because any change would imply them.

11. Enjoy: Finally but not least important enjoy what you are living, even hard times would bring learning and growth, life is either half full or half empty is your choice so please choose wisely.

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