Travel precaution guide:

We are close to getting vaccinated and getting back to normality. However, you should take precautions when travelling. One rule to keeping safe when travelling is to simply follow protocols ie: washing hands, carry a sanitiser, wear a mask, avoid touching face, cough and sneeze on your elbow.

Today I would be recommending a New Zealand Gem. A city called Wellington. The capital of New Zealand since 1865. New Zealand has been my home for the past 5 years. I visited Wellington recently and it’s been a memorable journey. This is why I am going to recommend taking a trip to Wellington to create your own breathtaking venture.

10 Reasons why you should visit Wellington: 

1.Friendliness: Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, it holds the second largest population in the country. Local folks are friendly and welcoming. They enjoy having tourists over and letting them share the city.

2.Distribution: The wider streets in the city centre are designed for people to walk or cycle. Some streets are not accessible to vehicles for people’s safety. Wellington is spread between the Upper Hutt and the Lower Hutt.    

3. Weta: Enjoy watching movies? Weta is the perfect place to visit. It is also known as New Zealand’s Hollywood. If you hear any film made here, it is certain that Weta is somehow involved. Lord of the Rings is not the only movie that Weta displays materials about, but also about many others that were not even based in NZ like Men In Black, Power rangers, Alita to name a few.

4.Zelandia: The beautiful Ecosanctuary is a must to do for those that love nature. Regardless of what time of the day, people get equally amazed by its peace and charm. Listening to the sound of the wildlife shakes off the stress of the day to day business and helps relax. 

5.Tramp Car: Hidden in plain sight is the tramp of Wellington. Located in the middle of the city, San Francisco inspired tramp helps locals to commute but for tourists, it would grant a breathtaking view. Numerous tracks and trails to explore further.

6.Towns nearby: Wellington is surrounded by beautiful towns like Whanganui, Palmerston North, Levin and many more. Whether it’s a short or long visit, do not leave the opportunity of travelling around. If you go to Whanganui please visit the Virginia Lake is amaizing.

7.Fear factory: I know some would say a haunted house can be enjoyed anywhere. But this haunted house in Wellington is one of a kind. Creating scary scenes that play with your senses and by being a group activity is easier to get in the mood. After the visit, there are vouchers available to visit other places such as restaurants, pubs and hotels.

8. Visit the parliament: A great way of learning about New Zealand history and how the political system works. The architectural concept is interesting and sophisticated. And is also free to build up knowledge from bases. 

9.Nightlife: I found it interesting that most of the bars and clubs in Wellington are mainly on the same street ‘Courtenay Place’,  The street is full of life especially at night time where the bars are cramped. It is incredible to see the queues to enter some of the most demanding places. Each place has preferences as history repeats.

10. Cost: The divine food is accessible in any fancy restaurant. Cocktails are less than $20. The beer is around $10. Bear in mind that being the capital you would normally expect it to be more expensive than other cities. If you are travelling on a budget find a list of 20 things to do under $20 dollars here

Please let me know what you think in the comments, Have you ever been to Wellington?? What was your experience like?? Would you agree with me?

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